Sunday, 21 July 2013

She's Evil and She's ALWAYS the Victim

Women are often the main victims of female psychopaths via bullying and 'sisters together' peer pressure which often leads the target woman into making huge life-destroying decisions at the behest of the female psychopath who pressured her into it. Most of the victims of female psychopaths who have written to me have been women.

Unlike most books written about psychopaths and sociopaths (ultimately they are same thing) my work was perhaps the first to treat psychopaths as a gender-neutral phenomena. I see no distinction between male and female psychopaths. They are two sides of the same coin, and a coin which needs tossed back into the gutter as soon as you find one. Again be mature about this issue. Not every woman who broke your heart or messed with your head is a Psychopath/Sociopath.    

These traits are things to look out for in a woman if she has a lifelong history of lying, manipulating, using, distorting facts, failure to take responsibility for her actions, never says sorry, instantly ends and starts relationships at the drop of a hat, shows no remorse for lives damaged in her wake, uses her children are bargaining chips, runs smear campaigns, can be prone to temper tantrums followed by instant happiness, claims to be always the victim no matter what, is constantly bailed out by family/friends etc. You build a profile based on long term observation and direct interaction. Even then you must be careful not to throw terms such as 'psychopath' and 'sociopath' willy-nilly.

"in the engagement photo she looked like a Collie pissing up his leg to warn off the other bitches." - unknown 

Contrary to the popular misconception, political correctness among mental health care professionals and active marketing by the Borderline Personality Disorder money machine, there are as many female psychopaths as males roaming the world. This notion of psychopaths being mostly male is reverse, ad hoc sexism. If there is equality between the sexes in all other aspects of life, then this equally applies to psychopathy.


Elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone in both male and female psychopaths is a very distinct marker in assisting with positive identification of a psychopath. This is not to say that anyone who has high testosterone levels—especially women—are psychopaths. We must retain emotional neutrality at all times when we begin to consider if we are dealing with a potential psychopath or not.

An aggressive or impulsive woman may be suffering from a condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and as a result could be subject to hormonal impulses which can result in negative behaviour. They must have the other four of the five Absolute traits (no remorse, invented persona(s), using pity and strange or contradictory life stories), before you can determine you may be dealing with a psychopath. One swallow does not a summer make.

The hormone testosterone is the key to recognising female psychopaths. They all have the same elevated levels of the hormone as male psychopaths. Higher testosterone levels are associated with increased sex drive, increased sexual activity and as a result a desire to hold power over men. Vicious bullying and aggressive exploitation of non-psychopathic females in workplaces and organisations is also common with the pathology. Testosterone may also be related to the lack of parenting behaviour seen in many psychopathic women. Psychopathic females have been found to be less interested in motherhood—even when they have children.

Typical Female Psychopathic Traits

  • Unexpected sexual arousal - often to divert from emotionally charged situations
  • Large clitoris
  • Pronounced Adams Apple (by female standards)
  • Waking up in pools of sweat even in cool weather
  • Somewhat unfeminine posture when viewed from behind (but this is not a hard and fast rule)
  • Violent or sadistic sexual requests (wanting their nipples bitten hard, etc)
  • Unexpected swing from idealisation of male partners to almost instant cold rejection leaving one feeling shattered, confused and with symptoms similar to Post Traumatic Stress disorder which can last from months to years
  • Extreme and Obvious Flattery. Emulating and Sycophantic Behaviour
    Lovebombing, designed to release large amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine, while reducing low activity in serotonin within the victim's brain so that the victim becomes emotionally dependent on the psychopath and thus becomes highly vulnerable to the psychopath’s suggestions. The areas of the brain that produce dopamine become hyperactive, and are directly related to addictions. Since their teens, psychopaths have learned to manipulate their victims through this technique. The term lovebombing was brought into common usage by the psychologist Professor Margaret Singer in her book Cults in Our Midst.
If you are a nice guy you are more of a target—they will often remark how kind and nice you are. This makes you easy prey. You will also find that the early sweet loving kindness performance of the female psychopath will be interrupted now and again with a nasty and mean performance. Then a cycle develops where the frequencies of the nasty state increases—while the kindness state become less and less. Eventually, from the height of loving, idealisation and adoration the female psychopath obsessively showered you with in the early days—you will find yourself trapped in a negative, unloving and exploitative lifestyle not of your making. 

Smear Campaigns 

She will spread negative and false rumours about you to her friends while garnishing sympathy from her on-tap, plethora of female pity enablers who believe every negative statement about you which she tells them. The female psychopath also generally befriends less attractive, overweight, ‘frumpy’ and unstylish women in order for the female psychopath to look more attractive when in their company. 

Instantly Wants to Get Married/Move In/Start a Family 

Do not fall for the female psychopath telling you she has falling in love with you as soon your meet her. It’s just words. You are nothing ‘special’ and there is every chance of contracting a STD from the event. So be careful. You might also find your wallet with less cash in the morning when she has vanished and an unexpectedly huge credit card bill at the end of the month. Worst still, she may claim to be pregnant by you if she senses you can provide her with free food and accommodation for a while. Female psychopath are as numerous, and operate under the same predator mindset as male psychopaths. 

Thomas Sheridan is generally recognised as one of the world's leading non-academic researchers and authors on the subject of psychopathology.